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About Joel

Raised in the mean cornfields of Illinois, Joel found solace and comfort in movies and television during the harsh Midwestern winters which easily last six months. All of the cartoons and comedy influenced/warped his sense of humor into the oddity it is today. His dry, self-deprecating jokes and commitment to the bit helped trick people into liking him so he wouldn't get beat up in school.

Rather than go to college for something he could make money in, Joel pursued degrees in film and video production. Although his dream job is to be a comedy screenwriter with his own animated series in which he voices several characters, Joel enjoys working in every part of film production.

Joel recently got laid... off. As of March 20th, 2024 he no longer has a job. Besides having to worry about the ever increasing costs of living, Joel also has to support two adorable, freeloading pets (Zuko the dog and Sonia the kitten). Looking towards the future, Joel wants to find representation for his writing while simultaneously pursuing the indie filmmaker darling career path. So check out his portfolio and/or give him a job!


… Please.

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