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Animated Comedy │ Adult │ Half-hour

Randy in the Afterlife

Surreal Comedy │ Adult │ Half-hour

Despite his lack of superpowers, Rageman sets out to defeat supervillains so he may have a shot at joining the Super City Squad. He finds a powerful, alien ally in the process, but her intentions are unknown.

SEMIFINALIST - Cinequest Screenwriting C
QUARTERFINALIST - Screencraft Comedy Com
QUARTERFINALIST - Script2Comic Contest -
Semifinalist - Cinequest Screenwriting C

After dying and waking up in the Afterlife, Randy must undergo a series of half-baked trials given to him by the Deities of Life and Death that will determine the fate of all life on Earth.


Mayor Momma

15 pages │ Comedy │ All ages? Kinda?

Mayor Momma needs Sheriff Marshal to track down a two-bit Conman, but Sheriff Marshal is more interested in taking Mayor Momma out on a date.

Scabey's Babies

10 pages │ Dark Comedy │ Adult

In this terrifying take on old TV sitcom tropes, an abducted woman attempts to escape her captor's crazed family fantasy. Filmed in front of a captive studio audience!


Bob's Burgers

"When Teddy'ng Bells Ring"

When Teddy asks the Belchers to be part of his out-of-nowhere wedding, Bob fears things are too good (or bad) to be true, especially after meeting the bridezilla. Meanwhile Tina makes it her mission to catch the bouquet for Jimmy Jr.


Close Enough

"Birds of the Nether"

Emily tries to get back into running, but a resentful bird gets in the way. (This show was unjustifiably canceled so not sure how much longer I'll keep this script around.)

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