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Writer's Reel

Includes work from a "Rageman" storyboard animatic, "Wing Man" (Nominated for Finalist in Moving Image Production II Fiction Category in the Take 1 Student Film Festival), and a couple of other short films I've written throughout the years. Some of the work is a little old so the audio isn't great, but this will be updated very soon!

Videography Reel

A highlight reel of some of the various footage I shot during my time as Chief Photographer at WTVO/WQRF. A lot of it is animals, so if you're scouting for someone to do videography on a nature documentary I'm totally your guy.

"Great Video" Segment Highlight Reel

This one is a compilation of funny scripts and headlines I put together when I used to write and edit the "Great Video" segments during the morning show for WTVO/WQRF.

Demo Reels

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