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Trash Hunters

Sketch Comedy │ Self-produced │ 9:35

Scraps is sick of Bargain Ben always picking on him and wants to prove to the others that he can haggle for heap with the best of them.

This is a comedy sketch that parodies shows like Pawn Stars, Storage Wars, and other reality TV shows that have no business being on the History channel. A group of misfits who live for trash day and buying people's junk on the curb.

Credits - Writer, director, producer, editor, videographer


Hoo Haven

News Package │ WTVO/WQRF │ 2:21

Hoo Haven is a local wildlife rehabilitation center dedicated to helping sick, injured, and orphaned animals get back into their natural habitat.

Credits - Videographer, editor

Jake After Joel

Mockumentary │ Self-produced │ 9:40

We catch up with Jake, star of the critically-acclaimed web series "Jake and Joel", in this tell-all documentary about the abuse he suffered on set.

Trigger Warning: conversations about sexual assault

In 2022 I bought some new production gear and thought I'd test it out by revisiting an old series I made with my friends which kind of started this whole writing/filmmaking journey.

Credits - Writer, director, producer, editor, actor, and videographer for all scenes that I'm not featured in.


Summerfield Zoo

Lifestyle show segment │ GDS │ 7:04

We take a mini road trip to Summerfield Zoo in Belvidere and talk to owner Rick Anderson.


Credits - Videographer, editor


Lifestyle show segment │ GDS │ 6:07

We head back to Beloit, WI this week for a look at the Irontek building and all its amenities, including an awesome new podcast studio and their beer on tap. Erin and Kari tell us about the space available and how to rent.

Credits - Videographer, editor

Inside the Screamatorium

News Package │ WTVO/WQRF │ 4:45

How do you take an empty space and turn it into a terrifying experience? Eyewitness News Anchor Emily Waldron took a trip to the Screamatorium in Brodhead to find answers - and a good scare - and got the chance to become part of the haunt itself.

Credits - Videographer, co-editor

Disclaimer - I did not shoot anything in the first 54 seconds. This includes the interview with Naber, any exterior shots during the day, and any touring where Emily isn't in make-up.

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